Mesec: januar 2021



Ingredients: (for 2 large pizza’s) The dough: 20g fresh yeast (or 1 package dry yeast) 250 ml warm water 1 tbsp brown sugar 250g all purpose flour 200g whole wheat spelt flour 1 tbsp of salt 2 tbsp olive oil The sauce: 1 can of 

Zuchinni and mushroom moussaka

Musaka z bučkami in šampinjoni

Ingredients: (for 4 persons) 4 large potatoes sliced thinly 1 large zuchinni sliced thinly 200 g mushrooms sliced thinly (champignons in this recipe) 100 g grated vegan cheese (GreenVie Gouda) Bechamel sauce: 6 dl water 2 dl oat milk (or any other plant milk) 2