Simple Vegan Sugar Cookies

Preprosti veganski sladkorni piškoti

This recipe is sufficient for about 2 baking trays (60 – 80 cookies depending on the thickness and size) Ingredients: 270g all purpose flour 6g baking powder 60g powder sugar pinch of vanilla (or 1 vanilla sugar) 125g vegan butter (room temperature) 4 tbsp oat 

Caramel sauce & Peanut butter caramel sauce

Karamelna omaka & Arašidova karamelna omaka

So I decided to make a snickers cake and for that you need a caramel sauce. I was searching online and looking all the different recipes and decided to try sometnihg the most simple possible…. Ingredients: (for about 250g) 100g brown sugar 130ml vegan sweetened